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Top Converting Email Swipes

Email #1: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: Your Urine Color Linked To Weight Gain ?

Even scientists were alarmed when they saw this...

They couldn't believe that a lot of the people with weight issues have this one thing in common.

And somehow, your urine color determines how easily you gain weight.


It all has to do with the amount of water you drink...

And why if you exceed this amount of water intake a day, you could wreck your metabolism.

Find out more here:

Urine Color Linked To Weight Gain?


Email #2: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: Drinking Water Related To Weight Gain

It sounds really strange...

But could drinking water be the reason why most of us have problems losing weight?

Latest discovery shows that it's true, and to lose need to know exactly how much water to drink...based on your own body.

Using just this simple tip, people have lost 30, 44, even 53 lbs in less than 2 months.

Find Out How Much Water You Need And Start Losing Weight


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Subject: Man Loses 53 lbs Of Fat, Doctors Freak Out

This man almost lost his life because of his body fat...

And he was forced to lose all his excess weight (all 53 lbs of it)... by NOT doing the usual 'healthy' things like dieting, drinking water to burn fat, or to exercise.

He lost 53 lbs in a few short weeks... simply by doing this shocking act... that has doctors in an uproar.

Man Loses 53 Lbs Of Fat By Doing THIS?


P.S. 79,411 others who saw the video lost an average of 37 lbs... simply by following the exact fat melting protocol done by this man.

Email #4: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: Eating Salad Makes You Fatter (latest research)

You might not believe this...

But salads actually forces your body to store fat.

You may argue that salads are low calorie foods...

That's true.

Latest research however proves that eating salads damages this one organ in the body...

And causes you to gain weight.

Could This Be The Reason Why It's Hard To Lose Weight?

Email #5: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: VIRAL VIDEO We Can't Stop Losing Weight

This controversial weight loss video has just hit 27 million views worldwide.

Doctors and weight loss experts predict this video will soon be banned by the government and Big Pharma.

The surprising part is that even months after people lost weight and quit using this SIMPLE method… they still couldn’t STOP dropping pounds.

How ?

It's the exact same reason why some skinny people can eat whatever they want and not gain any weight...even though most of us gain weight even if we eat salads.

Based on research from an Ivy League university, this weight loss activates the 'skinny genes' inside tackling the root cause of weight gain...forcing your body to lose pounds of body fat fast.

Doctors admit it’s safe and natural but they can’t make money off it… so no one wants you to know about this.

More than 114, 882 people have already used this method to melt 15, 20...even 40 lbs quickly, and keep them off for good (view pictures and results here).

Email #6: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: Weight Loss Breakthrough CLOSES Gyms Nationwide

Scientists have made the biggest health discovery in over 20 years…

Something that eliminates the need to diet, count calories, or cut any of your favorite foods from your diet.

Because this weight loss breakthrough makes exercising unnecessary...

The nation’s biggest gym chains are in a PANIC!

Already more than a hundred thousand people have taken this medically based weight loss trick…

Used it to lose 30lbs in their first thirty days…

And then immediately cancelled their overpriced health club membership.

Click here to see the weight loss breakthrough that’s closing down gyms across the country.

From that link, you'll be given the scientific proof as to why it works…

And even be given explicit, step-by-step instructions so that you can start using it immediately.

Click Here to Start Now

Email #7: Send This Email To Your Lists

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Subject: Scientist Tricks Brain Into Killing Fat Cells (Lose 10+ Lbs This Way)

It’s a weird little trick that turns your body against its own fat cells...allowing you to lose 10, 20, even 40 lbs in a short amount of time

More than 114, 882 people have already used this breakthrough, and achieved amazing results with their weight loss (see pictures here).

Because of this, drug and supplement companies nationwide are panicking.

This weight loss breakthrough tricks your body to zap fat cells like a sharpshooter at target practice...

And is especially effective at melting away belly fat while allowing you to eat MORE of the foods you love... without needing to exercise or to diet.

P.S. I cannot guarantee how long this weight loss breakthrough will still be up, because pharmaceutical companies are furious about this video getting out.

Make sure you watch it before it goes offline.


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1. Sending SPAM or using safe lists of any kind.
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3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in promotional campaign.
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5. Using cookie stuffing. If you do, you will not get paid any commissions.

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